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How we work

ONA design offers an authentic and unique design for your living and working environment. During the introductory consult, she’ll first map your wishes and lifestyle. After that, your personal style profile is created. This forms the base of her personal interior design. Apart from offering a suitable interior design, ONA design also takes care of the coordination and execution of the project. The different services can be applied independently from each other, but can also be combined - ranging from an individual plan up to the execution of a complete renovative project for your house.


In order to concretely translate your ideas into a personal interior design, ONA design offers a introductory consult without obligations. During this conversation your wishes and lifestyle are inventorised and is determined in which way she can be of service.



Based on further research of your lifestyle, ONA design translates your wishes into a unique interior design. ONA design’s power lies in her capability to visualise diverse spaces directly into 3D and delivering a clear custom design for a competitive price. She creates a special style profile, where new surprising possibilities of spaces are revealed. In compliance, an action plan is drafted for your interior project, informing you of all activities.




Her advice, interior design and style profile together results in your personal design map. In compliance, this can be expanded with more elements, like:




1. Current situation

2. Map drawing

3. Map drawing 3D


4. Interior design drawing


5. Interior design drawing 3D


6. 3D visuals


6. 3D visuals


7. Custom furniture 3D


8. Moodboard 


9. 3D interior render


10. 3D exterior render


During the presentation at your location you will receive the design map. After careful inspection of the map you can decide whether to proceed to executing the project.


Prior to the execution of the interior design, specific preparations are made by us. This includes drafting a time planning, the drawing of measurement plans, applying for any relevant permit and contacting external specialists and suppliers. Additionally, during this phase ONA design can provide further consults about interior styling and accompany you in the buying process of furniture and other accessories. This makes room for the next step in fine-tuning and perfecting your future interior.




During this last phase, ONA design directs and coordinates the execution of your design. In this role she has been working with skilled subcontractors and specialists, in order to guarantee the highest quality, efficiency and customizability. ONA design watches over the compliance of the design and keeps you updated on all progress. The results: an interior for a living environment that connects, energizes and inspires its users is at the core of this process. An interior that breathes your identity, one that embraces you.              




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