At ONA design, you have come to the right place for designing, renovating and redecorating your living and work spaces. The combination of creativity, broad knowledge and working experience at different scaled projects results in her diverse capabilities: from designing to executing and consulting on projects. She looks beyond mere interior advice and also offers research, project management and custom furniture. She is also skilled in tackling urban development problems. These different services can be applied independently from each other, but can also be combined. At ONA design you can bring all your questions and wishes - from small-scaled interior advice up to an innovative all-in concept for your house or office building.



ONA design creates buildings with a unique character, where the creation of an optimal living environment is at the core of the project. You’ve also come to the right address if it’s rebuilding or renovating you’re looking for. During the execution of the project she cooperates with well-established specialists, artisans and suppliers.

Interior design

For private and corporate bidders ONA design creates custom interiors which reflect the desires and identity of the client. Based on your lifestyle and your wishes we develop your own personal style profile, where new surprising possibilities of the interior are not left unused. ONA design inspects your living quarters and office spaces from a broad perspective, offering a variety of possibilities for your interior coming from different creative angles. Color and choice of materials plays an important role in this. Based on your style profile she shows which colors and materials are applicable. Creating an interior for a living environment that connects, energizes and inspires its users is at the core of this process. An interior that breathes your identity, one that embraces you.

3D visuals

In order to clearly present her ideas for your interior, ONA design creates 3D models to offer an insight in the possibilities of your living quarters and work spaces. This involves sketching a three-dimensional design of your entire interior. This way, all aspects of your interior can be simulated, so that any surprises when buying furniture and lighting can be avoided.

Custom furniture

Besides interior design ONA design also offers custom furniture. After all, well-designed furniture raises the functionality of your living and working spaces. A unique design also contributes to an authentic and atmospheric appearance of your interior. During the design process she uses the latest materials, textures and techniques, making your furniture acquire their own personality while forming an enrichment to your interior. Skilled craftsmen take care of creating the furniture and placing it on location.


Sales impressions

By offering a renewed interior design and 3D computer visualisations of the exterior and interior, ONA design opens up new possibilities for houses that are difficult to sell, for real estate agents as well as private individuals - for a competitive price. Renders - 3D computer visualisations of the interior in crisp quality - provide a clear image of spaces where textures and incidence of light are visible. This creates a lively impression of the atmosphere, which in turn gives a good impression for potential buyers.

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